Sourcing Internationally

Advances in telecommunication — accelerated by the growing capabilities of the Internet — along with other technologies and logistics capabilities have made global sourcing an increasingly attractive option for more and more manufacturers.

Raw materials are becoming a global commodity with nearly universal price worldwide. That makes labor costs and production efficiencies an increasingly important factor. Concentric thinks globally when it comes to connecting customers with the right manufacturing capabilities. Our mainstay factories are located in China, South Korea, Italy and Taiwan. In each location, along with our trusted network of raw material suppliers, we ensure that products are made to customers’ exacting standards with consistently superior quality.

Using the Internet and other computer networking capabilities gives Concentric U.S. headquarters virtually as much access to the activities of our factory partners as we’d have if we were there in person. We also have staff on the ground at our major manufacturing centers worldwide. Plus Concentric has decades of experience handling international issues like permitting, cultural and legal requirements, currency exchanges and more.

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