Linear Actuator 4″ Stroke (nominal), 1000 Lb Force, 12 VDC, Limit Switches



Our ID Series Ball Screw linear actuators are ideally suited for many industrial, agricultural, automotive and off-highway applications. Offered in six stroke lengths from 4" to 24" (nominal), they have a 1000 Lb dynamic load rating (with Std 20:1 gear ratio), and a 3000 Lb static load rating. All steel construction with metal drive gears ensure tremendous durability and reliability.

This model features optional adjustable limit switches to safely stop the drive motor at each end of the stroke.


Automotive, Agricultural, Lawn and Garden, Process Automation, Marine, Robotics, Solar


Stroke Length - 2.80"
Retracted Length - 13.86"
Extended Length - 16.65"
Load Capacity - 1000 pounds
Static Load - 3000 pounds
Speed at Max Load - 0.55 in/sec
Recommended Fuse - 20 Amp
IP Grade - IP 65-total dust protection, water resistant

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