Weld-On Idler Hubs


Bearings have extended inner race. The Weld-on Idler hubs can be used with our Weld-on Sprockets and our one-piece Weld-on Split Steel Pulleys. Simply clamp the idler hub and corresponding part together and stitch weld around the outside diameter of the idler hub.

Use low hydrogen electrodes. Three or four stitches 5/8'' long will be sufficient. Care must be taken to make sure the welding ground circuit does not pass through the idler bearing. Excessive welding to this product will cause heat that may distort or damage the bearing.


Produce any size Idler Sprocket or Idler Pulley


Part # Bore Size Outside Diameter Step Diameter
WIH-12 1/2'' 1 13/16'' 1 5/8''
WIH-58 5/8'' 1 13/16'' 1 5/8''
XIH-12 1/2'' 2 1/4'' 2''
XIH-58 5/8'' 2 1/4'' 2''

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